About Us

Cash on Cash Enterprises, LLC was founded in 2005 and is a Southern California based ATM company. We cover many types of industries and work with a multitude of public companies. Our boutique focus and refined business model allow us to handle the needs of cash-heavy corporate clients, while providing the personalized service and communications of a local business.

Industries We Specialize In…

Hospitality and Corporate Facilities

Cash on Cash has the staff, and capacity to service large, cash-heavy facilities such as hotels, meeting places corporate offices. An ATM is an ideal amenity to offer your employees and guests – it can boost employee productivity by saving time and aid guests in their travel.

Small Businesses, Boutiques and Convenience Stores

We offer the latest in ATM technology and great service for high and low traffic stores. Our low profile ATMs will help you take advantage of the sales space inside your store while putting cash into the hands of your customers. An ATM can also help boost the foot traffic in your store and help decrease bad debt. We will provide a free analysis of your business to determine if your location is suitable for an ATM – contact us now.

Gas Stations, Car Rentals and Service Plazas

Cash on Cash technicians are experts in setting up both indoor and outdoor ATM installations. Our experienced staff can help you determine the best location and set up for your machine. We provide the appropriate signage and reliable service to keep your machine running and bringing in profits.

Here are some of our satisfied clients: