General Questions:

Who will set up the machine for me?

When purchasing the machine, our package includes:

1) Programming the unit
2) Installing the unit (bolting down the machine)
3) Training the customer on how to operate the unit

All of these items are handled by qualified professionals and there is no extra charge for any of these features.

If I’m loading the money into the machines, when does it settle in my bank account?

All funds withdrawn before 12PM PST will be deposited back into your account the next business day by banking ACH. All transactions occurring after 12PM PST will require 1 additional business day.

How do I know how many transactions my machine is doing?

No matter which program you choose, we will provide you with an internet login so you can examine machine performance. We will provide you with a login once we complete your ATM installation. In addition, we can provide you with low cash alerts sent to you by email or text message to support your machine even further.

When will I receive the commission income from the ATM?

If loading the machine yourself, the commissions will replenish into your bank account daily or monthly (by the 10th of the next month) by banking ACH. If we are loading our cash into the machine, the commissions are sent by check by the end of the following month.

If I do not own the ATM machine, do I need to fill it with cash?

In most cases, no, the owner of the ATM will fill the machine. We have several programs that involve our company loading our own cash and the business owner being completely hands-off from the day-to-day ATM duties.

Who will handle repairs and maintenance of the machine?

If you have selected a “free machine” option, we will handle all repairs and maintenance free of charge. If you have purchased the machine, it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. After this point, you may select an extended warranty option or chose to have support on a per service call basis. Phone support is always free and free receipt paper will be provided, as well.

Do I need a separate phone line for the ATM?

No, we suggest connecting the ATM line to either a fax line or secondary phone line. The ATM usage on the line will be minimal, as the only time it will be used is when a transaction is occurring. Our technicians will make sure you are set up with the most feasible connection. You can also choose to have the ATM connected through your high speed internet connection such as DSL or cable with certain ATM models.

What are the power requirements for the ATM?

The ATM runs off standard 110 volt power. Simply plug it in and the machine will be ready to go.

What if the ATM dispenses the wrong amount of money?

In such rare cases, the ATM user should call their bank to verify completion of the transaction and amounts processed. If the incorrect amount has been dispensed and the error is verified by the customer’s bank, a Regulation E claim should be filed with the issuer of the card used. The issuing bank will process the claim and issue a refund as necessary. We handle the processing of the Reg E. claims if this occurs.

What is a “Regulation E Claim”?

A “Regulation E Claim” is a claim made by an ATM customer when an ATM is unable to dispense the requested cash, assuming the customer has sufficient funds in his account. These are extremely rare, but if this occurs, the first step is to have the customer call his/her bank. The merchant should never give the customer money directly! Instead, it is best to have the customer call the issuing bank and file the Reg E claim.

Are there any other monthly fees associated with the ATM after installation?

Once the installation is complete, there are no monthly fees assessed by Cash on Cash ATM’s. There are no monthly statement fees, no processing fees or any other hidden charges.

Trouble-shooting Questions:

How do I reboot my ATM and is it ok to turn off?

To reboot your ATM, all you have to do is unplug machine. It is ok to turn off machine and many times this will fix any operating issues with the ATM machine. If there is an error code on the machine, please call Cash on Cash ATMs for further assistance.

What do I do if the ATM displays “System Unavailable” or “Configuration” for long periods of time?

This is typically a communication issue. Make sure your phone line is working by checking to see if there is a dial tone. If there isn’t a dial tone on your line, please contact your phone company.

How can I prevent bill jams?

Be sure to inspect the cash before inserting into cash cassette. Many bill jams occur because of tears in bills, tape on bills, staples, or folds in bills. Also, brand new bills tend to stick together, so make sure to pull apart before loading.

How do I get started?

Call us at (310) 228-8475 or use our Online Contact Form and one of our professional representatives will assist you with your sign up process.