Custom Installs

Need a custom look for your hotel?

Cash on Cash offers a specialized Custom Hotel ATM Program (CHAP). CHAP matches the ATM to your property’s aesthetic, service, and guest standards. An unsightly, outdated ATM in a beautiful hotel lobby creates a dichotomy in the property’s message of excellence. Cash on Cash provides the ATM and cabinet to match the hotel lobby’s design and aesthetics. The CHAP model replaces the current ATM vendor, but does not change the revenue terms.

  • We offer a selection of tasteful wood selections from which to choose.
  • We also provide a number of wood stain samples to match the unique design and décor that your property embodies.
  • Our team of master woodworkers develops a unique cabinet to match the specific contours and curves the machine possesses, while hiding any unsightly cords and wires away from the customer’s view.

Outdoor Installations

Outdoor ATMs can provide an attractive revenue source for a property and increase overall property values tremendously. A carefully-selected placement in a busy area can provide access for ATM patrons 24/7.

Cash on Cash has strategic relationships with both customized iron and steel welders to develop a unique outdoor ATM solution that will withstand the risks of both inclement weather as well as attempted theft.

Note: Several conditions apply prior to deploying an outdoor ATM configuration. Please contact Cash on Cash ATMs to arrange a site visit to determine the viability of an outdoor ATM.