ATM Programs

There are 3 different ATM Programs currently available: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can select the program that best suits your needs.

silver package gold package platinum package


Customer Service 100% Covered 100% Covered 100% Covered
Portion of Transaction Fee
ATM Restocking (cash replenishing) NO You provide the cash to restock, while receiving a larger portion of the fee
Monthly maintenance or statement fees $0 $0 $0
Cost upfront You purchase the ATM $0 $0

If you are unsure which program to choose, please call (310) 228-8475 with any additional questions or concerns.

Instant alerts to Cash on Cash allow us to monitor the health of our ATMs 24/7. Additionally, online monitoring of cash management assures you that the cash never runs out of our machines.

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ATM Processing

Many companies require a minimum number of surcharge-able ATM transactions on a monthly basis. Cash on Cash ATM does not charge to process your ATM transactions. You get a 100% of your surcharge.

Why Process your ATM transactions with Cash on Cash ATMs?

  • No monthly maintenance or statement fees
  • Cash withdrawn from your ATM is ACH deposited the next business day
  • Surcharge income is ACH deposited daily or monthly (Merchant’s choice!)
  • Easy set-up!
  • Contact us now!

Cash Loading

Cash on Cash offers cash loading services for most ATMs in the Southern California area. Whether you currently have an ATM and need an outside company to run the daily cash flow needs or a looking for a turnkey ATM service, we can help!

Cash on Cash has a team of private cash couriers and armored car guards that can stock your ATMs. Our cash loading services cover areas as far south as San Diego and as far east as Palm Springs.

All cash loading is monitored by a combination of online reporting and email alerts to ensure machines never run out of cash. Additionally, Cash on Cash ensures its machines are well-stocked for special events and seasonal opportunities for maximum machine uptime.

Cash on Cash also provides cash services for other ATM companies, especially national ATM companies for which a local ATM company is a better fit than a nationwide ATM solution. See why our customers rate our ATM Programs #1.